Friday, 16 January 2015

Let me know how...

Symbol of Death
When we talk about living life it is not unusual to mention death. We speak of living life to the fullest, life is short, and enjoy life because death is inevitable. Not many speak about the right way to approach such a situation. What to do or say to a friend or someone going through such an ordeal. It is not a situation you can master with time.

No one goes into a wake or funeral and is like, “I got this” this only happens when you go into an exam room and you have a “mwakenya” (cheat sheet) or if you go to an audition and you know you have the right skills. There is the common “sorry for your lose,” with a sympathetic look, but this is not enough if the person is someone dear and close to you.

Someone said, “a close friend is a person you can sit with, say nothing and leave feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve had” Is this the best approach because at times just being there, your presence, may mean more than anything you can ever say. Maybe there is no manual because everyone has a different way of dealing. However, if there is a right way, please let me know how best to approach such a situation.

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